What is Qivana?

Qivana is an all natural breakthrough neutraceutical product company that partners with universities and research institutes all over the world and brings synergistic health products to market.  The company focuses on prevention and main health concerns without side effects.

Our Families Story Why Qivana?

Little did I know that my frustration with my son Jackson’s ADHD treatment would spur me on to action into another entrepreneurial adventure.  We had tried everything with Jackson – diet, exercise, meditation.  I finally succumbed to advice from his doctor and teacher to put him on meds.  He had terrible side effects and I literally felt I was drugging my son.  I was. A friend from the US told me about a natural product company that was having some good success with ADHD kids.  I was open to try it.  I am happy to say that after 3 months, my son had no side effects and is now off the traditional medication which began my journey with Qivana.

My own personal story is that I have struggled with my weight for years.  I have tried many of the different programs and products out there.  I was successful with some of them but as soon as I went off the shakes or food I would gain back the weight.  The type of food I eat is not the problem it was the portion size…being over 40 did not help either! :)  As I have learned in my research, most people way under protein throughout the day.  By starting my morning with a Metaboliq Boost and Shake every day I have lost over 35 lbs. in 7 months.  I have a few more to go to hit my target weight but I also have the confidence that I can go out and enjoy a nice meal and treat and know that I will not go back to old ways!

Why Qivana as a business?

For additional content and to access my online store: www.bilyea.myqivana.com

For more information at a high level from products to business model this is a good summary site: www.qinfosite.com

For those interested in learning and overview of Qivana products and go to market strategy: www.qcashproducts.com

For those interested in learning more about the compensation and business model:  www.qcashmultipler.com

For those who are in the medical or health care field this site contains all the research, ingredients and what makes it different than anything else on the market:  www.qivanaproducts.com