Get Healthy Challenge

What is the Get Healthy Challenge?

The Get Healthy Challenge Is my way to support my clients on focused on improving their metabolism, losing weight, feeling stronger and more energetic!  I have created a program that includes:

Who is the Get Healthy Challenge good for?

A person who wants the following:

  • to learn once and for all how to eat nutritionally, maintain muscle, lose fat, improve metabolism and keep the weight off for the rest of your life.
  • who is very busy and on the go who longs for simplicity, little preparation and ease in their diet.
  • who wants the latest research on metabolism nutrition and weight loss based on world renown Dr. Donald Layman
  • who wants community and support

Why is this program different than any other program?

It is quite simple.  3 things;

Your body can actually correct its metabolism.  It is the only product in the market that actually corrects your metabolism.  It was designed by the world renown Dr. Donald Layman who is a professor at the University of Chicago and has written over 90 papers on metabolism.  Metaboliq has over 30 years of research, breakthroughs and science at its product foundation.  The most reputable shake companies are based off Dr. Donald Layman’s research but Metaboliq is the only company that “… designed around my discovery of the role that amino acids play in signaling. Properly designed,these products signal muscles to repair their structure and strength, ultimately energizing their ability to burn calories. These discoveries have led to a revolutionary change in obesity research and new strategies for weight loss. Qivana is the only company to fully integrate my discoveries into a comprehensive and sustainable weight management program.” Dr. Donald K. Layman

Metaboliq is a full meal replacement and had 30g of protein per shake.  It has the perfect amount of fat, carbs, protein and amino acids.  It has the exact combination you need to lose targeted weight.

Your body becomes a 24 hour fat burning machine.  Dr. Layman’s research revealed the secret
to creating the optimal body composition and burning off fat naturally while minimizing new fat storage. His breakthrough research established the direct connection between burning off body fat by eating specific types and amounts of proteins throughout the day. This unlikely effect also nourishes and
protects your lean muscles during weight loss. This connection of burning off fat while protecting and nourishing lean muscles is the essence of metabolic correction.

Here are some additional documents regarding differences:

  • Metaboliq Edge
  • Dr. Donald Layman video on the efficacy of Metaboliq
  • Metaboliq Whitepaper

What should I expect being on the Get Healthy program?

  • 1-2 lbs the first week
  • 8-10 lbs first month
  • lost inches
  • less bloated
  • less food cravings
  • more energy
  • stronger
  • Measure once a week weight and body (hips, waist and chest)
  • Shakes are a full meal replacement so you will be using less food for yourself
  • 1-3 days your body will adjust to the program by the 10th day you will have less

If these results do not happen I know why.

What does the program include?

The custom program can include the following:

  • Products  – Shakes, Bars, Boost and Recharge, Shake Cup, measuring tape
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack recipes
  • Private facebook group where we can share goals, recipes, questions and tips
  • Simple Getting Started and Daily Guide
  • Weekly Goal/Reward Tracking Sheet
  • Individual phone or text support
  • Exercise Guidance

The only cost of the program is the cost of the products and shipping. You get the cheerleader, listener as part of the overall package.

Some people want to have the weekly calls or texts others just want to be given all the information and left alone.  We will figure out what you want and what is the best communication for you.

Cost of Program:

You can order whatever you would like but to make it easier I have made a program recommendation to get started:

The cost of the products for 3 months $597 USD.  There is $90 USD in tax and $77 USD in shipping.  The total cost is $765 USD.  There is a new shipping program coming to Canada at the end of March 2016 that mirrors Amazon Prime.  Therefore, It costs on average $6.40 USD or $8.28 CDN/day all in (including tax and shipping).  I look at it as 2 meals per day for the first month and 1 meal a day for the second and third month..

The first month is $299 USD and the second and third month are $149 USD (Recharge and Shake only).  The second and third months can be flexible some folks love the shakes and will not do without them, some love the protein bars etc. and decide they also want the bars rather than the recharge.  You also learn how to eat and balance the foods.  The products just make the macrobalance easier especially for breakfast but there are lots of food options.  Dr. Layman suggests being on the Boost product for 3 months.

The pricing above includes the following:

First month

  •           60 fat-shredding Shakes (30 Chocolate/30 Vanilla)
  •           60 thermogenic Boost pills
  •           30 energy-filled Mocha Infusions
  •           15 muscle-building Peanut Butter Bars/Pomegrante (you choose, coconut bars are coming this summer)
  •           15 metabolism-boosting Recharge packets (I love these.  If you did not have a macrobalance meal you can have one of these and it will reset the metabolism again.)
  •           1 Shaker Cup
  •           1 tape measure to document your new body
  •           1 complete METABOLIQ System Guide

Second and Third Month

  •                 1 shake per day (30 shakes)
  •                 Boost before breakfast and lunch (60 boost capsules)

How do I participate in the Get Healthy Challenge?

The program can start anytime.  If you would like to move forward with the program, I will help you make the order in 5-6 minutes over the phone or click here for instructions.

Click here to make the product order:


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