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Thriving By Design’s curates research and provides experiences to nurture curiosity in living a life intentionally focused on health regardless of age or circumstances.  Any project, recommendation, review, tip or video is vigorously reviewed and must hit my 5 thrive checklist in order to be on this site. I give you my word.

  1. I have to love and experience the product, book, podcast or event.
  2. It has had to make a significant difference in my life or someone that I love.
  3. It has to be from a reputable trusted source, and/or have sound research.
  4. It has to be high quality, natural ingredients and well made.  
  5. There needs to be an element of fun, humor, passion or love.

Sperry’s Current Projects:

  • Shift Your Thinking a real world and online support community for parents with kids that have LDs, ADHD, and mental health concerns.  My partner Susan Schenk launched this community November 5th 2015.  The next schedule real world event is on Saturday May 13, 2017.
  • I am working with a really cool company that needs help with their marketing and PR.  They are growing very quickly and just need an extra hand to keep up with the demand.
  • Thrive in My Life Podcast – Leigh Mitchell and I are working on this together meeting with some amazing people to find out their tips and advice to living a full and vibrant life.
  • Qivana: is a an all natural neutraceutical product breakthrough company that partners with universities and doctors all over the world. The natural medicines are based on years of science and research and have no side effects.  This is a relatively new network marketing company that has come into Canada.  I am focusing on helping clients who are interested in taking charge of their health, and building a team of amazing people. by education and sharing these amazing products and business.  I take on one product to focus on every season.  This season is helping families with ADHD. See why I got into Qivana in the first place.
  • Get Healthy Challenge: It is a program designed to support and educate my clients whose goal is to improve their metabolism and lose weight.  I do not want people to just buy Metaboliq and then what. I have lost 35 lbs on this program so far and I want to help others get the best out of the products.




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