Thrive Summit — Thank you

Thank you ImageIt is hard to believe that a week ago we were knee deep in the Thrive Summit! Leigh and I have been putting back our home, paying bills, sending out thankyous and finishing loose ends.  I have had a vulnerability hangover the last 3 days.  My friend Shelagh finally helped me identify it.  I have been feeling a little blue but feeling much better today!



T – Thrivers who attended the Summit thank you for taking the time out of your busy day.

H – Helpers, Volunteers and Contributors from jewellry to flowers, to 3D Thrive Tips We seriously could not do it without you, literally from registration, to welcoming and directing people to finding my phone to helping us create an unconference for the first time!

A – Artists, Photography, Music and Video  talented people.  Carolyn Ellis and your beautiful graphical notetaking, Haia sharing her art with the group, Joanna Jordan sharing her music, Tina greeting everyone with her ukulele, Lisa sharing her view of Thrive from her camera and Siya capturing our keynote. To Alex sharing his amazing hands for chair massage.

N – Navigators and Nourishers – To all of our mentors, marketing evangelists, family and friends thank you for your guidance and patience as we worked to plan this event.

K – Kecha Pucha speakers, Exhibitors, and Mentors who contributed and supported the event with their expertise and knowledge. To Carol Schulte our host, WOW is all I can say. You did your homework! You embraced everyone in the room and really helped bring joy, laughter and connection to the day.

S – Sponsors – Thank you again for supporting community events like this to help spread the word.




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