Qivana Metaboliq Testamonial – Kristine Laco 

My husband and I have worked with Sperry using the Qivana program. She is easy to work with and is passionate about teaching you how it can work into your lives. We found her tips and tricks at the beginning of the program especially helpful as it seemed complicated at first. Don’t worry, you get used to it quickly, but it takes longer to get used to how full you feel! I have tried many programs to fix my destructive eating habits and always felt cheated somehow by the lack of food and returned quickly to my old bad habits. Not with Qivana. The shakes and bars are delicious on their own and now I can’t wait to have them. I don’t feel I am giving up too many favourites but have found a way to work them into the program. My goal was not to lose weight but to feel better in my jeans. I lost weight and feel better in my jeans. What a bonus! Sperry asked at the onset how she could check in on our progress and I found her insights inspiring and non-intrusive. If you are looking for a better system, choose Qivana and Sperry. You will not be disappointed.

Qivana Probiotic – Cathy Chapin (testimonials have to start somewhere and this is why I am in this business! :))

“I started taking Qivana metabolic shakes to help my daughter out in her new business venture. That was then. I still want to help her but now I take the product because I simply feel better. The inflammation that I was beginning to experience in my fingers has virtually gone, I have more sustained energy. I am thinking more clearly and quickly and at the risk of what my children call  “oversharing”… being regular EVERY morning is wonderful! I am a Qivana Mom and will continue to use this product every day!

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