My Current Projects include:

Shift Your Thinking – A real world and online parent support community with kids that have LDs, ADHD, dyslexia and/or anxiety.  We launch this awesome community on Saturday November 5th.  My amazing partner Susan Schenk and I are so excited to get this project off the ground.    We want to bring down the silos of information and provide a real roadmap for parents wherever they are in their journey to support their children.  For more information or to buy an online or onsite ticket check out:

Qivana is an all natural breakthrough neutraceutical product company that partners with universities and research institutes all over the world and brings synergistic health products to market.  The company focuses on prevention and main health concerns without side effects.

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On the Verge Team – Very excited to be part of Claudia Harvey’s consulting team to support small business and solo entrepreneurs!  For more information: 

Marketing Project – This fall — I am working part-time on a very creative project with some amazing people who need some help with their overall marketing from tradeshows, to brochures to a brand new website!

Senior Assisted Living Tribute – SALT

Our mission is to help seniors financially thrive where they are currently living in their homes or assisted living facilities.  The concept of home is something our society cherishes from young children, to being parents however as we age the sanctity of home is not treated the same for our seniors.  We want to change that.  If you know of any seniors, homes or companies that would like to get more involved in this growing issue please contact Sperry Bilyea at 416 574 7811 or

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Past Projects

Thrive Summit – April 4th, 2016 at Center for Health and Safety Innovation

Imagine a day to yourself where you could authentically connect and learn from experts on productivity, focus, and improving your life/work quality! This unique event is a combination of a business and personal development retreat!

Join over 150 professionals and small business owners on Monday, April 4th at the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation in Mississauga. Enjoy interactive and engaging sessions including real time cnconference sessions with Thrive Mentors and pecha kucha style presentations.

The conference will help you improve your financial success, set new goals, prioritize your healthy living (including stress management) and increase work life quality, productivity, and focus. Over 20 members of our thrive team (including productivity expert and bestselling author Chris Bailey – Author of the Productivity Project) will leave you inspired, energized and effectively prioritize your health, wellbeing, purpose and work objectives. From a meditation class, to a doctor run workshop on living your best day, to learning leading edge social media strategies to creating a business blue print! This event is meant for men, women, corporate and/or entrepreneurs– the common thread is people interested in learning best practices and ways to improve life and work quality. Everyone can benefit from better work play integration! Each attendee will also receive Chris Bailey’s book called The Productivity Project! For full details go

Thrive in Leadership – Thursday June 9th, 2016

Leadership has so many angles to it.  We are going to look at leadership 8 different ways with some amazing speakers!  We will have leadership in the following areas: finance, fun, learning, spirituality, healthy wellbeing, compassion and community.

Tickets, Speaker bios and  more information are available here.