Shift Your Thinking – Launching a new community!


Susan Schenk and I are about 3 weeks from launching Shift Your Thinking community!  I need to remind myself when you start a new initiative that is a little different it takes TIME.  I need to be patient.  If you build it, they will come? I believe this.  I need to be patient.  I know this community is needed because I need it as a parent.  The many parents and experts we have talked with over the last 6 months have confirmed this for us.  I need to be patient. My hope is that we get to as many people as we can who are looking for this information by word of mouth and support from friends and family.  I need to be patient.

As my friends’ know, Thrive by Design was created to allow me to grow, learn and involve myself in projects that help people thrive.  This Thrive Family project checks off all the requirements. One of my take aways at the Thrive Summit in April, was the convergence concept that Jennifer Beale shared with the audience.  I really took it to heart because time for me is one of the most precious gifts I have.  By combining my family needs, collaborating with some amazing people and curating the latest research and experts to support families allows me to converge my necessity of supporting my family and helping others.  I am very grateful I met Susan Schenk a year and half ago because she helped me understand and support my family better in every way.  Her patience, insight and sincere passion  really helped me gain the confidence and tune into my own intuition to make thoughtful strong decisions for my family.  I want to share with other parents her talent and others like her from the rooftops.  There is no need to suffer, or worry endlessly, or question every decision you make.  I am the parent and I know what is best for my children.

I need to be patient.  This community movement will be across countries, diagnoses, cultures.  I cannot wait to see what this year brings! I need to be patient.  Check us out:

Why Thriving By Design

umbrella imagesI thought my first official blog post on my own site needed to be why Thriving by Design?  I love the word thrive.  I love words that sound what they mean.  I always have to start with definitions when I am working on material like this:

  • The definition of Thrive is to prosper or flourish and grow well regardless of circumstance.
  • The definition of Design is purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object.

To me, when you feel you are thriving you have most of the components of living well, hum with harmony.  In order for me to thrive, there needs to be intention,  planning and preparation and that is why the word design is perfect.  I want to create an umbrella, guidepost, backbone (not sure of the right image but you get my point) that every project I consider getting myself involved in, I know is going to help me and others Thrive.

I am ready for another crazy entrepreneurial ride! I hope you join me!