About Thriving By Design

The time in my life has come to pay it forward.  To share with others what I have learned through my research and experiences.  If I can help someone avoid the pitfalls I made over the last few years than I will consider my business to have been successful.

Thriving By Design’s mission is to CURATE RESEARCH and experiences to help nurture curiosity in living a life that is intentionally focused on health regardless of age or circumstances.

I know people can take or leave mission statements, but every single word in the statement above was chosen with care, thought and purpose.

THRIVING to me is an excellent concept much like joy, as it involves many different parts to truly be present.  It requires planning and intention, which is represented by the word design.   As I mention in my bio, I LOVE researching books and sharing the information that I have learned if I think it can help. I LOVE bringing people together with experiences that have a common goal to help people achieve what they want to accomplish.  I am not a coach.  I am a great cheerleader and a CURATOR.  Ultimately, I have learned for transformation or learning to turn to action; it has to come from inside that person.  I have discovered that one of the best ways to help connect with the inside of a person is to create curiosity.  If someone is genuinely interested in learning more, then there is an interest or burning desire to do so.

Time flies.  There are days, who is kidding — weeks and as we get older years go by, and you look back and try to understand what has happened.  However, I find days, weeks or years can be distinguished, remembered, and accomplished when there is intention and focus on it.  For example, I am a very happy person.  I read Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, where she is intentional in her happiness.  She methodically researches different aspects of how to put more happiness into her life.  Who would say no to more happiness? It took my happy to a whole new level.

Life can happen.  To live your life with passion, and contribution, there are risks and things that happen that are beyond our control.  These can be very difficult challenging times.  However, if one of your core habits is self-care, you will come through the adversity or challenge in a more powerful way where recovery is faster.

Thriving By Design is an umbrella to projects that I am working on that help people THRIVE.  It is a perfect combination of starting my CURATING research company and being a distributor of a more established company called Qivana!

Any project, recommendation, review, tip, or video is vigorously reviewed, and must hit my 5 THRIVE CHECKLIST, to be on this site. I give you my word.

  1. icon Love It has to be a product, book, podcast, event that I love and experienced in my life.
  2. icon trustIt has had to make a significant difference in my life or someone that I love.
  3. icon QualityIt has to be from a reputable and trusted source.
  4. icon designIt has to be high quality and/or well designed.
  5. icon FunIt has to have an element of fun, humor, passion or love.

Keep Thriving!

Sperry Bilyea

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